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Uncle Buck S1:E3 & E4

Are you hoping Uncle Buck gets better? Me too!

Ride Along

In this episode, Alexis and Buck don’t see eye to eye on how to go about the day to day of taking care of the kids, so she takes the day off to instruct him in the ways of the list. Yes, she has a neatly typed two-page list for the day of all the tasks that need to be accomplished. Miles gets sick and Will feels the need to prove that he can take care of the kids like Alexis does.

Miles pulls the wool over Will’s eyes and Maizy gets in on it.

The turning point of the episode is when we learn why Alexis is they way she is: her own mother was an absentee mom that didn’t work yet didn’t feel the need to raise her child. Buck and Alexis bonded and Buck saved the day.

It’s still not very funny. I give it a 2 out of 5.

S1:E4: Brothers

Will and Buck clash. Buck’s the “fun” brother and Will’s trying to get on a team at work that will help his career. Buck ends up sleeping with the decision maker after meeting her at the Bulls game, ruining Will’s chances at the team due to a conflict of interest. Meanwhile, Alexis goes to the Chicago chapter reunion of her sorority Theta Sigma Nu and finds the president of her old college chapter there. She bemoans later to Will how this woman made her life miserable but she’s gotten herself into a pickle by agreeing to compete in a family lip sync battle. Preparing for this turns Alexis a little crazy.

Buck doesn’t save the day in this one but there is a lesson: conflict and resolution in the family unit.

There were a couple of moments of funny but still not enough to keep going.

I give it a 2 out of 5.

This will be the final recap of Uncle Buck. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s just not that funny.

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