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Did Mighty No.9 developer Deep Six release a mighty dud?

As a fan of the Mega Man franchise, I have yearned for a brand new game. Not another 8 bit, but a 3D imagining of Mega Man that has the same feel and intense game play we all love. Unfortunately, Capcom didn’t share in my feelings, so the closest I had to my 3D Mega Man was his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Then news of a Kickstarter circulated about a game made by a team of developers that worked on a game in the Mega Man franchise.  The game would be a 3D side scroller with a robot protagonist, and made in a similar style of classic Mega Man games. I was intrigued, the ideal Mega Man game I had sought might actually be created. The title of this new IP was Mighty No. 9, and fans of Mega Man like me jumped on the games bandwagon. We donated to the Kickstarter in droves, it made its goal on Kickstarter and then got  a publisher –Deep Six. All that was left was to patiently wait for the game to drop, and we waited for years.

I personally followed the development of the game for PCU, reporting on the multiple times the game had to be pushed back. The fans, myself included, began to lose hope until Keiji Inafune (Head Developer) promised that June 21st would be the release date for the game. .True to his promise, Mighty No.9 has arrived; which should have been a cause for celebration.  We are instead treated to early reports detailing various issues with the game’s performance on multiple platforms. Aside from the 3DS and Vita builds, which are due to release at a later date, here are the current problems reported.

Xbox 360: On the Xbox 360, due to a certification bug, the game has been pushed back a few days.

Xbox One: Reports of performance issues with the game have come in.

PS4/PS3: Users are reporting that their Playstation Store download codes for the game are not working. Others who have the game are also reporting performance issues.

Mac/Linux: Users of these will have to wait, the game is in the final testing phase at Deep Six.

PC: Those who have bought the Humble Bundle version were promised a Retro Skin pack and the Ray DLC only to find duplicate codes for the Skin pack. Those who bought it on Steam are complaining of graphical issues, and disappearing saves.

Wii U: Owners have been complaining of slow load times, gameplay lag, some are reporting the game has bricked their consoles entirely.

There has been one issue common among all the versions of the game, and that’s framerate problems.

On top of the various game build issues, early reviews have been released calling the game “lackluster”, “unpolished”, and “mediocre”.  I personally feel let down by the developers, I expected during the long development process to have addressed and solved these problems. Yet it feels as if the developers ignored these issues in order for the game to make its release date.  Mighty No. 9 sold itself as a labor of love from fans of Mega Man to fans of Mega Man, but the finished product doesn’t seem to live up to the hype. I guess in order to get that Mega Man game we have to wait for Capcom to change its stance on the franchise.

Have you had a chance to play Mighty No. 9? If you have, comment below with your feelings or issues of the game. As always, for more gaming news, stay right here with Pop Culture Uncovered.


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