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Review Brew: Aquaman Rebirth #1

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Scot Eaton & Oscar Jimenez

Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb

After reading Aquaman Rebirth #1, I was impressed with this first issue. If you haven’t read an Aquaman title before, this issue is new reader friendly. Dan Abnett gets you right into the story of Aquaman facing an Atlantean terrorist cell known as “The Deluge,” and their plan to destroy the surface world. It’s a pretty cliche plan, but does tie into Aquaman trying to unite the surface world and the sea kingdom. Also, it was nice how “Throne of Atlantis” storyline was briefly brought up in the story, and touches on the tension between the two worlds. The writing is great, but there’s a lot of exposition going on throughout the title. It’s not a bad thing, as it gets the point across of who Aquaman is, his motivations, and his powers. It’s a good refresher of the character as Aquaman, is not just a man that talks to fish or King of the Seas, but a man from two worlds that belongs to neither. The last page is interesting, as the person who is narrating the issue is revealed and I wasn’t expecting it to be that person at all.

The team of Scot Eaton & Oscar Jimenez makes this issue shine. The art just looks amazing and captures the writing perfectly. I don’t have many complaints about how the character look. Panels flow seamlessly into one another and keeps the action moving. The fight between Aquaman and “The Deluge” is intense, fast, and over in a flash. Also, Atlanteans riding a Mosasaur and a Pliosaur is pretty awesome. Colorist Scot Eltaeb makes the story pop with his vibrant colors.

Aquaman Rebirth #1 is great and is new reader friendly. The writing is superb with introducing him and his supporting cast. The story is good, but the villain’s plot is flimsy because it’s been done before. Also, the story references an old event, but doesn’t detract from the story. The art and colors just looks astounding. If you’re new to the DC Universe this is a DC Rebirth title worth checking out.

4 Atlanteans out of 5

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