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Awesome Con 2016 – Valiant Panel

PCU streamed the entire panel (Thanks Valiant!) and its available here on our Facebook Page.

Every comic convention I go to I always make sure that I attend the Valiant Panel. Granted I‘m obviously a huge fan but they level of engagement between the folks from Valiant and the attendees always makes for a good time and the panel at Awesome Con was no different. Hosted by John Pitre and Rafer Roberts Valiant summer event mini-series 4001A.D. was the primary focus the finale of the X-O Man of War series and the future of the Harbinger characters were discussed in detail as well.

4001 A.D. is the story of the Valiant universe in the future told initially in the pages of Rai. The central focus in 4001 A.D. is Rai’s attempt to free the New Japan, orbiting the Earth, from Father, the artificial intelligence in control. Attendees were treated to some amazing preview art and a few reveals.


War Mother is a series that was revealed during the panel. Details continue to be scarce since the book is tied into the 4001 A.D. but I’ll gladly buy any book written by Fred Van Lente.


One of the most exciting books in the 4001A.D. books was the related Bloodshot 4001A.D. Special. In the original Valiant universe Rai ended up in possession of Bloodshot’s nanities which were referred to as the “Blood of Heroes.” It was made clear that the man we know Ray Garrison is gone but the nanities will be searching for a new host. Having the ability to talk to machines would help in fighting an artificial intelligence, I wasn’t the only person attendance who looks forward to seeing what possible new characters might join the Valiant Universe as result of this issue.


All of those in attendance were reminded that unfortunately that Valiant’s flagship book X-O Man of War will be ending with issue 50. It was announced that Robert Venditti run on X-O has been one of the longest in modern comics and as a fan it’s still hard to accept that the series is coming to end. Endings are always new beginnings in the Valiant universe, Bloodshot and the Eternal Warrior have had multiple series so hopefully we’ll see Aric again soon, but at least issues 47-50 will give us an amazing way to say goodbye. Each of the last three issues will come with a four by six inch micro print featuring X-O and drawn by artists in and outside Valiant.

 harbinger renegades

While the fate of Toyo Harada villain of the original Harbinger book has yet to be revealed in the pages of Imperium, Faith, Peter, Torque and the rest of the cast from the original series will be returning in Harbinger Renegades. Written by Rafer Roberts Renegades will deal with the aftermath of the original series that dealt with the death of Flamingo, the team splitting up, and Peter abusing narcotics and despite a desperate attempt by the governments of the world to get him to fight Harada. Mr. Roberts indicated that everyone on the team won’t necessarily be happy with the idea of getting back together. Generation Zero, first seen in the Harbinger Wars mini-series and last seen in Harbinger Armor Hunters will be getting their own series as well.

I would tell you about the secret giveaways that occurred but you’ll just have to attend a Valiant panel yourself!


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