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Is Liberty City coming to GTA V?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been eight years since Grand Theft Auto IV was released.  Truth be told, it was one of my favorites.  The story may not have been great but to be able to run amok in a faux New York City setting was fun to be had.  As a bit of a sidebar, many of us are doing it again in The Division, but it’s not the same.

Since 2013, gamers of course, have been getting a steady diet of GTA V which takes them to the west coast and the online community has been really strong even after the game was ported over to the now current gen systems.  In that time, Rockstar has been giving gamers a lot of attention to the online portion by way of constant updates, maps and skins, but not a lot of single player DLC.

Is that about to change?

Rumors have surfaced from EGMNow and GTAForums that Rockstar may be developing DLC which will bring Liberty City back to life using the engine that powers GTA V.  Pictures surfaced online (supposedly on Rockstar’s site) suggesting that something is in the works but of course no one knows what it is yet.


Courtesy GTAForums

Courtesy GTAForums

Rockstar has not confirmed anything as of yet concerning this rumored DLC.  The original image has been removed from the site but gamers can hold out hope.  However, a new new major online DLC is expected to drop on June 7th.

With the work that Rockstar did with sprucing up GTA V for current gen systems can you imagine what GTA IV would look like?

To be fair, I doubt if any announcements are made at the 2016 E3 but even if nothing comes of this, I am hoping that we at least hear something regarding the Red Dead Redemption franchise.

How much would you like to see Liberty City DLC ?  Tell us in the comments below.

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