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Penny Dreadful S3:E5 Recap

Ethan Chandler has the worst family…

This World Is Our Hell

Victor You Never Learn

We spend some brief moments in London with Victor and Henry being idiots, with some special, next level cruelty from Victor who decides to shoot up their patient with an electrified needle, filled with Henry’s serum directly into his eyeball. It’s awful but it works and dude doesn’t even know who they are much less what he’s doing there. Victor practically creams himself at the thought of doing the same to Brona!Lily to get her ‘back’. Except there is no Lily to get back because she never existed. I cannot wait for that particular hammer to get dropped on his dumbass. Also? Henry is too good for Victor and his bullshite and I want him to meet everyone else soon, especially Ethan, whom I think he would have a lot in common with.

The Ish Hits The Fan

Speaking of Ethan…here’s the thing: as much as we love him (and I’ve not met a fan yet, in person or online who doesn’t) Ethan? Is a stone cold, shapeshifting, werewolf assassin, who is just as dangerous when he’s not a werewolf as when he is. In some ways he’s worse because he’s a master tactician who has preternatural strength, speed and sight. Basically, if the Winter Soldier was also a werewolf? He’d be Ethan Chandler Talbot.

Which is why, when we learn the full extent of just why Ethan hates two of his dads, it’s effing tragic. I won’t spoil it for you but it’s one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve seen in a long while and between this and Game Of Thrones I’m going to need some happy in my television viewing,  and that right quick.

Violence begets violence in a never ending circle of hatred and strife that Ethan has been stuck in the middle of since he was a child.

Thank goodness for Malcolm, the only one of Ethan’s dads who actually seems to give a damn about Ethan and not what he’s done, what he is or the power he wields. Which is good because Hecate is all up in Ethan’s business, and pants, seducing him to the darkside. It’s going to be an uphill battle as Ethan is an open wound for her to pour her poison into at this point and Hecate has had weeks to work on him on Lucifer’s behalf but if anyone can get it done it’s Malcolm.

He better do it sooner rather than later though because all of his children are falling apart without each other: Vanessa’s being stalked by Dracula, Ethan’s slowly going insane and Victor’s playing a dangerous game because he never learns from his mistakes.

The End is Pretty Effing Nigh.

Ha’penny Thoughts

  • Watching Brian Cox and Timothy Dalton facing off was like a master class in acting. I think Wes Studi had to be left out of that scene so our brains wouldn’t explode from sheer awesome.
  • Ethan’s reaction to Malcolm and Kaetenay showing up was priceless. I started laughing my ass off.
  • I don’t think Hecate is there on behalf of Lucifer. I think Hecate is Lucifer and that while Dracula is in London working on Vanessa, Lucifer is doing the same to Ethan as Ethan and Vanessa are two halves of the same coin.
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