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Containment E6 Recap

We’ve another Claudia Black free episode that’s Katie and Jake heavy and I want the damn virus to end me…

Containment; The CW

He Stilled The Rising Tumult

Love in the time of death…

Yeah, we have another Jake and Katie episode wherein they try and rectify Katie’s previous screw up when Thomas’ family end up at the hospital either infected or dead. They go out to find him, thinking he’s spreading the disease, and run into the bikers who’ve been terrorizing Jana’s building. Jake takes a couple of them out at the knees while Katie behaves like she’s in a damn harlequin romance. Sigh. Katie makes me tired y’all. It doesn’t help that she manages to not notice that Quentin has snuck out with them because she’s the world’s worst mom.

Lex and Leo go on a trip

Lex reaches out to Leo to help him in finding out what’s really going on in the cordon based off the information Lex got from Jake. Leo spends most of the trip drunk off his arse but does manage to pull it together long enough to get the video that was taped over at the hospital, but it’s corrupted. Good thing Lex has a super hot girlfriend who is also a computer genius.


Quentin proves to be ten times more useful than his mom as he tracks down Thomas. Thomas has been busy, burying people, and getting food and water to those who need it. What’s interesting? Everyone Thomas has been in contact with has the virus. But Thomas does not.

He’s immune.

Status Report

  • Leanne finally shows a personality and it’s going a to get her killed.
  • Why is everyone walking around, masks off, around decomposing bodies?
  • Almost everyone on this show, with the exceptions of Sabine, Jana and Lex, are either seriously effing awful, incompetent or both. It’s really hard to root for any of them

Author’s Note

  • This is the last Containment Recap, this show has not lived up to the potential of its premise or cast and with so many great things to watch I’m not inclined to be bored. Thanks for staying with me through the first six episodes!
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