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Get Over it- Black Actors to make up 90% of Black Panther

It came out of nowhere. It blindsided me. I was just minding my own business on Facebook (for once) and saw this article pop up on my feed. At first I laughed, until people started to agree with the article and took this seriously. My jaw dropped at the sheer amazement of how there are people who still think like this. Really? It’s the left-winged radicals with their scary spooky ideals that want to brainwash ‘Merica’! This is satire at its highest, but there are those that seriously still think this way. And before you ask me: yes, they live in the year 2016.



Let’s chat about the history of the character first. Black Panther is a superhero, making his debut in the 52nd issue of the Fantastic Four, becoming the first black superhero in mainstream American Comics. The protector known as the Black Panther has existed for about 10,000 years, being passed down through generations of royal warriors, fighting off centuries worth of invaders and preserving peace in their country.

A lot of people are screaming about how black the casting is and want more white actors in this film. The fact that there are people complaining that this film has only cast black actors speaks volumes of how much black men and women are underrepresented in Hollywood. If there were more representation, we wouldn’t hear a peep about how they’re casting their characters. It wouldn’t be such a foreign subject! Sure as hell wouldn’t be such a tough pill to swallow for some.

Iron Man, Captain America, Dr. Strange, Batman, Superman, Punisher, Spider-Man and so many others, all get their movies filled with at least 95 to almost 100% Caucasian actors. This movie isn’t even out yet, there are four people cast and there are individuals out there who want to start a riot. I have heard many reasons, my favorite being ‘it’s the culture of Hollywood’. I get it, you want equality in a Black Panther movie, but (for example) when it comes to Dwayne Johnson playing Superman we’ll need to lose our minds. Alright internet, I see you…

So go ahead and ship those delicious tears to my place here in Baltimore. Continue trolling through the inter-webs and irritating those who are unsure of your intentions, while sitting safely behind your computer screen! All I ask is, those of you who are butt-hurt, keep it to yourselves cause the king is here to stay; blackness and all.


So what are your thoughts on the Black Panther’s casting? Leave them in the comment below

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1 Comment on Get Over it- Black Actors to make up 90% of Black Panther

  1. I find this article utterly ridiculous. There is practically NO ONE who is mad it is 90% black. Every conversation, every Facebook conversation, I have had since the release has either been how awesome this is, or that there should be 100% African in the movie since it is in Africa. I have not seen ANY comments, or articles saying any of what you claim. I even did a search myself for ANYTHING to support this and found next to nothing. All this article serves is to incite drama, and potentially encourage moron’s to start saying this stuff. You need to do some research before writing something like this, journalist to blogger, and not just base this off of your feed. Provide verifiable proof of these claims, because it is nowhere NEAR what you make it out to be.


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