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Penny Dreadful S3:E3 Recap

People are tied together in unexpected ways tonight…

Good And Evil Braided Be

Ethan, You In Danger Boy

In America Kaetenay and Malcolm are hot on Ethan’s trail, as are Rusk and Ostow. What I find fascinating is that Rusk is slowly starting to realize that Ethan’s not actually in control when he kills and tries to minimize the damage when and where he can. He comes to that conclusion via the same reason that Kaetenay tells Malcolm they need to get a hurry on: Hecate. She kills indiscriminately and viciously in a way that Ethan doesn’t when he’s in full control of his form. Kaetenay is deeply concerned, as he should be, about the fact that she’s with Ethan. And that’s before Malcolm tells him just who and what she is.

I’m just waiting to find out if I’m right and Hecate is there at Lucifer’s command to seduce Ethan to him.

Long Walks and Drama

Vanessa and Sweet go out and about, enjoying Limehouse and while there, they stop at the carnival but get separated in the Funhouse. The reason? Pasty-Faced Dudepire, who takes the opportunity to drop some hints to Vanessa about her having met his master before. Vanessa freaks and rolls out of her date and Sweet is pissed. Heading back to his lair he lays down the law where Vanessa is concerned and as punishment PFD ends up eaten by the rest of the vamps. Dracula don’t screw around when it comes to discipline at all.

You Say Threesome, I Say Blood Sacrifice

Brona and Dorian indoctrinate Justine into their cult of two via killing, of course, as they kidnap the dude who was brokering Justine’s rape and murder. Turns out he’d bought her when she was twelve for screwing purposes and once she’d outgrown his age range, he had her gang-raped for money. …. I’m going to need a minute because this shite actually happened IRL back in the day and still happens today so I’ll be over here throwing up in my mouth.  

Careful What You Wish For

After Vanessa’s little run in with Pasty-Faced Dudepire, she heads to Seward to ask her to unlock her memories from when she was in the asylum. Seward’s like, ‘Nah son, that’s a road you don’t wanna go down.’ But Vanessa, Vanessas at her until she relents, which is when we find out:

I Guess I Should Care….

Once upon a time Caliban had a wife and son and worked as an orderly at a certain asylum. While I still don’t care about Caliban, and even less about his Dickensian family, I’ve a feeling that we’re going to find out how he died in the first place and that’s somehow going to be Vanessa’s fault.

Ha’penny Thoughts

  • The rangers cannot shoot for shite.
  • The more danger Vanessa is in, the calmer she gets, it’s amazing to watch and a testament to Eva Green’s phenomenal acting.
  • Mina was totally the ‘wife’ that Sweet lost that had him in seclusion over the last year…
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