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The Night Manager – E4 Recap

‘You come into our lives. Disrupt our balance. Everyone’s attracted to you….WHO ARE YOU?’  

The Night Manager BBC/AMC

Episode Four: Written by David Farr

You Done Effed Up

Angela begins to close her net, using the information she’s gotten from Jonathan and having Apo make the connections for her, and in doing so starts freaking out everyone involved in Roper’s organization. This leads to Roper’s people in Riverhouse (turns out Dromgoole is HALO and Barbara with Langley is FELIX) to make a move: trying to intimidate Rex. This is quite possibly the worst mistake they could’ve made as Rex goes from zero to EFF YOU, doubling Angela’s budget, actively joining forces with Joel and shaking the trees making all kinds of things fall out.

Who’s Zooming Who?

Jonathan’s effect on Roper’s household, while hinted at previously becomes explicitly clear in this ep. The real question is: who is being seduced and who is the seducer? Jonathan is barely in control, while he’s able to get out key information to Angela, he’s drawn to Jed and Roper on every level. It doesn’t help that both, in their own way, have set out to seduce him and are succeeding.

Oh Corky

Corky spends this episode losing his damn mind with lust and jealousy regarding Jonathan, which combined with his ongoing and escalating drinking leads to stalking, physical altercations and continued threats. Corky’s right of course: Jonathan is dangerous, far more than even Corky realizes, but at this point no one will listen. It’s only a matter of time before someone is dead and my money is on Cork.

End of Shift Report

  • Angela’s story about why she has pretty much dedicated her life to taking down Roper is one of the most chilling and heartrending things I’ve ever heard.
  • When Roper decides to murder someone he does not screw around.
  • I’m unsurprised, if a bit disappointed, that we fell into a storm of cliches with Jed but Elizabeth Debicki is doing a fantastic job and can throw shade with the best of them.
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