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The Dog Days of Summer: June Television Premieres

It’s that time again boys & girls! Television is about to cart out it’s good, bad and ugly for all to see. Summer TV has come a long way from the days of my youth, where the majority of programming slots were filled with reruns or shows that had zero chance of being picked up long term by a network. But times have changed. Television has never been bigger with a bevy of channels and streaming services, so where summer was once a desolate wasteland of mediocrity, it has blossomed into must see and Emmy worthy shows.

This is the first part of my three week series on what’s up in summer television, beginning with the month of June.


From the mind of Robert Kirkman, creator of “The Walking Dead”, comes a new series on Cinemax that will deal with the supernatural and a man who has been plagued with it his entire life.

Premieres June 3 at 10:00 pm est on Cinemax.

Voltron: Legendary Defender

A blast from my past comes back to life with the Netflix series. I grew up with the original version of Voltron and can’t wait to see how this 2016 version will compare. The series will follow five Earth teens – Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Shiro – who become the last line of defense for the galaxy in an intergalactic battle against the evil alien force led by King Zarkon.

Premieres June 10 on Netflix

Ride With Norman Reedus

Fans of “The Walking Dead” rejoice, for Daryl Dixon, aka Norman Reedus, rides again! As himself anyway. AMC will debut a new travel series with Reedus traveling the USA via motorcycle. Zombies not included.

Premieres June 12 at 10:00 pm est on AMC


A young, fresh-faced Hill staffer gets her first job in Washington, D.C. to discover two things: The government has stopped working, and alien spawn have come to earth and eaten the brains of a growing number of Congressmen and fellow staffers. How this is different from the Washington D.C. of our reality, I’m not sure….

Premieres June 13 at 10:00 pm est on CBS

Uncle Buck

The John Candy classic film returns in this television reboot starring Mike Epps as an unreliable man-child taking care of his brother’s kids. A remake of a 27 year old film? Good luck.

Premieres June 14 at 9:00 pm on ABC


Season 2 stars David Duchovny in this gritty 1960’s drama about a cop who goes undercover to track Charles Manson and the Manson Family before their infamous murder spree.

Premieres June 16 at 9:00 pm on NBC

Orange is the New Black

The ladies of Litchfield Prison return for Season 4 in what should be its most shocking yet. And that’s saying something.

Premieres June 17 on Netflix

American Gothic

The new CBS series centers on a prominent Boston family that is attempting to redefine itself in the wake of a chilling discovery that links their recently deceased patriarch to a string of murders spanning decades. Beware, it is not related to the 1995 CBS series or the Grant Wood painting.

Premieres June 22 at 10:00 pm on CBS


BBC America brings us a series that centers on a 26-year-old woman who escapes from the cellar where she has been imprisoned for 13 years and how she copes with her new found freedom.

Premieres June 23 at 10:00 pm est on BBC America


This new Showtime comedy series will depict a road crew helping with a rock band’s major multi-city tour. The roadies are actors but the bands performing will be real. This is created by Cameron Crowe who also made “Almost Famous”

Premieres June 26 at 10:00 pm est on Showtime

There you have it folks, those are the June highlights. Stay tuned next week when I take a look at the July slate of programming. Buy your backup remote control batteries now!

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