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Weekend Coverage: Captain America #260

With Captain America: Civil War setting theaters on fire this weekend, I figured it was a good time to share a favorite Cap cover with you. Issue 260 (with cover art contributed by Al Milgrom) has what can be construed as a timely image on its front, especially considering the plot of the film. A stark image of Cap behind the white bars of a prison, with a light blue background that mimics the main color of his costume. The shadow of the bars drenching Cap in black, the only color on the cover other than red, white and blue (and Cap’s skin). This is proof that a simple image at times can be more powerful than something much more complex. Before even picking this book up, you immediately want to know what our hero could have done to get put in jail. This is the mission of every cover image in comics, to get someone curious enough to read the 22 or so pages wedged between the front and rear covers.

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