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Review Brew: The Woods #22

Can Karen keep herself together, before succumbing to pressure of being a leader

Writers: James Tynion IV

Art: Michael Dialynas

Colors: Josan Gonzalez


After Calder and Sander have headed off to find the Horde, Karen gets the remaining students at Bayside in shape to battle the cruel foes.

This issue gives us some flashbacks from before the Horde attack on Bayside, and shows what has been going on with Karen. Switching back to the present showing how Karen is pushing people to hard. She hasn’t been the same since the attack, and James Tynion does an impeccable job with focusing on her. I like how Tynion goes about revealing what Karen has been doing, and how she ends up hurting the people she cares about. Through Sanami, we learn why Karen is like this. When she’s trying to be the person that everyone wanted, she ends up crumbling under the pressure. I know most of us would be like that as well when trying to be the best we can to meet everyone’s expectations. We don’t see much of the other characters in this issue besides Sanami and Karen, but we do get the return of Coach Clay, who’s helping to train the students. The dialog and pacing are both good. Also, the exposition doesn’t overwhelm you when reading it.

The art by Michael Dialynas and his unique art makes this comic book stand out from most. The way he structures the emotional scenes is phenomenal, and makes you feel for these characters. The characters are detailed to a great degree, and the colors by Josan Gonzalez help make the art shine. There are a lot of warm and dark colors, that change with the environments in the story.

I enjoyed this issue of The Woods and what’s going on with the story. The art hasn’t dipped in quality at all and the colors help bring out the look of the issue. With how this issue ends, I can’t wait to see how next issue begins.

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5 Karens out of 5

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