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The White House SNL Roast…Don’t Watch.

If you’re reading this…It’s NOT too late!!

So what is the White House Correspondents Dinner? As CNN puts it:

“The dinner is Washington’s annual opportunity to pretend it’s hip. Reporters mingle with Hollywood stars, top sports figures, business leaders, administration officials and lawmakers who normally avoid the press. But it’s also derided by critics as a sign of an overly cozy cabal of Washington insiders — frustration that has contributed to the rise of political outsiders like Trump and Sanders this year.”

Or more accurately as I begrudgingly witnessed, a self roasting session from The President mixed with really bad humor and throwing sideways insults at other political figures, causes, or current social topics. Like BLM, Guantanamo bay, drone strikes, and current front runners for the next Presidential spot, Trump and Hillary.

An underwhelming amount of jokes for a majority of the 30 minutes from the President’s stand up…oops I meant speech(if you can call it that). I’m all for brevity and good humor but can we stop with the sitcom like punchline, pause, and queued audience responsive laughter?!?

To me the whole ordeal seemed like a cozy fraternity banquet in which every comment and response felt like an inside joke where everybody hates everyone, but wearing a coy smile just for the occasion.

I’m indifferent towards President Obama, Democrats or anyone Republican per say. But I can admit that President Obama is an inspiring public figure, he’s genuine and likable who’s just like any other guy…he’s into sports, nerd stuff, and a family man…even though a majority of the political and media outlets outright decimate/overly scrutinize every action, word, or handshake this man does…which only comes with the position of power in his case. He’s only human.

Pros: He’s was a little humorous, and can be an inspiring orator at times, but that doesn’t mean he’s been(in my viewpoint) effective with his decisions while in office.

Dwindling down to the last 5 minutes of his comedy reel. The President did give a meaningful remark and appreciation to American journalism: keeping the press free and open by constantly discovering the truth in politics. Further stating that we as a country should continue honoring facts, evidence and depth of truth meaningfulness of the press versus the speed of just getting the information out, while holding those in power accountable.

But the mic drop was classic.

Larry Wilmore’s appearance was even more appalling. I mean…for an event that’s supposed to be recognizing free press and journalism it couldn’t have been further from that. It’s like they we’re reading beginner jokes off of a wiki how page….hmm?

And the roast kept rolling, until the crescendo of Larry dropping the ’N’ word in remarks to the President, which he garnered a lot backlash for in the following days. Hey like Larry clarified; “Conjugate your slang words: ‘ga’ instead of ‘er’…two totally different emotions. ” Which I’m not surprised to hear, considering ‘Nigga’ has become so universally applied due to Hip-Hop culture that people from all racial backgrounds are getting into the word like it’s the Internet and Y2k. It was definitely an atmosphere in my opinion of where ignorant and snarky comments were applauded. Intense just below the belt jabs at whoever made the list.

Truly every American can peacefully live the rest of their lives without ever watching another Correspondents Dinner, where it’s founded by journalists yet ran by comedians…adding no real value to anything. The President’s final remarks on journalism was: Taking a stand on truth with objectivity.

Now my only question is: Are we living up to that? Are we keeping those in power accountable? Are we doing enough as a people to really cut through the mainstream bs that’s becoming increasingly watered down and yet inescapable in the way that we as a society digest our news and information?


-Doni out *Drops the keyboard.*

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