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Fire Punch ファイアパンチ Ch. 0 review

With a world covered in ice, will a hero of fire emerge to protect it?

Writer/Artist: Fujimoto, Tatsuki

Fujimoto Tatsuki brings us the new manga called “Fire Punch”. The story is about Agni and his sister Luna trying to live in a world covered in ice by the “Ice Witch”.

This prologue chapter of “Fire Punch” goes to some dark places: at the beginning of the manga, Agni has his arm cut off several times to feed the elderly people of his village. The thing is, both siblings have a regenerative healing factor, with hers being slower. One of the villagers dies due to starvation, because he didn’t want to resort to cannibalism and ate only canned goods, until it ran out. From there on, we learn more about the siblings, the village, and the arrival of a military force that wants to defeat the “Ice Witch”.

One of the officers, Doma, displays his own unique ability: burning everything until it’s dead. When the cannibalism is revealed to the soldiers, things take a turn for the worst.

As I said earlier, this story goes to some dark places, but there are still pieces I left out. I enjoyed the story and the writing by Fujimoto Tatsuki, which makes you care about the characters and understand what these people have to go through to survive and the hard choices they have to make.  

Agni using his powers in such a way, leads to a significant point near the end. With the military having arrived in the village, I’m curious if there are other factions outside of them. Also, I wonder when the “Ice Witch” is going to come into play.

Fujimoto’s art is not bad, I love the use of pencils in the story.  I haven’t seen a manga with so much cross-hatching, to where it enhances the feel of scenes. It gives the characters, environment, and clothes more depth. The characters are drawn well, but some of the characters could use a touch up in some panels. There are some gruesome scenes dealing with death and destruction. It isn’t a pleasant sight to look at, but shows how cruel some people in the world are.

This introduction to “Fire Punch” is great and shows the struggles of people living in a frozen wasteland. The story is bleak, and leaves you with an unusual taste in your mouth. The art is superb, but does have its drawbacks. If you like manga with a dark, mature, and tragic story to it, you should check this title out. I’m definitely looking forward to where this manga goes.

4 Ice Witch’s out of 5

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