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Video Games, Cats, and Dystopia. Oh My!

A screenshot for the as yet untitled “HK Project” from French team Koola and Viv was released in October of 2015, showing a cat sitting in a darkened alley.  A light shone from an unknown opening above, bathing the scene in a hazy red glow.  The shot was the first look we’ve gotten at their upcoming third-person solo adventure, and hopes to be an influence in the genre of “cat adventure games”.  Early gameplay footage showed the kitty hero(ine) traipsing across pipes, & through air conditioner vents, all while (presumably) avoiding detection by a couple of humanoid robots.


Koola and Viv have not revealed much of anything about the setting, other than it being a “dystopian city”, set in “an indefinite time period”, that was influenced by Kowloon Walled City.  Some of the concept art, however, shows cramped hallways, robots standing here & there, and walls with a fairly heavy amount of graffiti.  While some areas are fairly lit brightly with white bulbs, others give off a feeling of foreboding with their red lighting, or lack of light altogether.

Regarding a release, the only thing that the developers have said is “not soon”.  They have clearly stated that they need a few more years in order to make what they want.  Koola and Viv have also not given much clear indication as to which platform the game will be released on.  They HAVE, however, stated that there will be no early access.  They’re also not taking monetary donations, but they have asked for comments and virtual hugs to give them a boost.

HK Project hall

Want to keep up to date on “HK Project”?  Follow the development on Facebook, Twitter, and Koola and Viv’s devblog.

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