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Review Brew: Chew Demon Chicken Poyo # 1 One-shot

Writer: John Layman

Artist/Colors: Rob Guillory

Poyo, the most badass chicken in Chew returns, and he’s dishing out justice, one talon and peck at a time.

This is the final issue of the Poyo trilogy and it was great. The story begins with a priest trying to exorcise a demon from a little girl, and when things get too much for the priest, he pulls out Demon Chicken Poyo. He reads from it, and it leads into our second story about Poyo saving Christmas. I had fun reading this issue and seeing Poyo be the fiercest thing in Hell. John Layman’s writing is at its finest, and the use of pop culture references are on point, like how he works both “The Exorcist” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” into the issue. Layman even tries to do the rhymes scheme like Dr.Seuss and it didn’t work in some panels. He actually calls himself out on, which was funny. The dialogue was good, and gets you hooked, from the first couple of pages. Sprinkled throughout the issue is information about Poyo, his various battles, and even how he died in the real world. The stories themselves are fun, entertaining, and end on a humorous tone. The villains that appear are defeated and get their just desserts.

Demon Chicken Poyo wouldn’t be the same without the artwork of Rob Guillory. He always knocks it out the park with the action and goofiness. The expression of characters are priceless and makes the story, that much funnier. Guillory makes use of the panels and puts a lot of effort into each one. The Poyo centric pages look phenomenal, and Layman captures the tone of the writing perfectly. Poyo is vicious, fast, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. Even from Galaxseal, Pengthulu, and Santa. The colors are vibrant, clean, and fiery. Especially with Poyo with a head on fire.

Demon Chicken Poyo is fun, goofy, and downright entertaining. The writing is good and colors look hot. If you love Chew, Poyo, or Santa, pick this title up.

5 Demon Chicken Poyos out of 5


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