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Review Brew: Lobster Johnson The Forgotten Man (One-Shot)

Story by: Mike Mignola, John Arcudi

Art by: Peter Snejbjerg

Colors by: Dave Stewart

When a transient goes missing, Lobster Johnson comes into investigate the disappearance and finds out, that there’s more to the priest than just giving sermons.

Writers Mike Mignola and John Arcudi do a good job on this single issue. The story gets right to the point with a priest turning the citizens of “Camp Thomas Paine” into mindless cannibals that serve him. The dialogue was satisfying as it gets you into the story and doesn’t overload you with exposition. Isiah Hatcher is an interesting character because we get to learn some tidbits about him when he is looking for Lobster Johnson’s help. He is pivotal in certain parts of the issue and fights back against the cannibals. The plot does get predictable because you can figure out how things are going to go. It doesn’t make the story bad as it moves at a steady pace. How the villain becomes this evil pied piper is revealed and settled within a few pages. I actually wanted more out of this story, but just didn’t get it.

I haven’t heard of Peter Snejbjerg before, but his art is great. Just from the opening pages, he captures the 1930’s perfectly as the Great Depression era is going on. He doesn’t waste anything in his panels and brings you into the world of these people. Characters are drawn exceptionally and the environments look phenomenal. Especially the sewers that reside under Camp Thomas Paine. When the cannibalistic people rise from the sewer and begin assaulting the people of Camp Thomas Paine, it’s fast and in your face. The emaciated look, long nails, and popping eyes, add to the horror. Snejbjerg handles the action with great degree and sets up some amazing action scenes. When the savages attacked in the sewers, it reminded me of “Blade 2” when the Reapers swarmed the team in an almost unrelenting fashion.

The colors from Dave Stewart look amazing and matching the tone of the various panels. Lots of browns highlighting the dirty and musty environment of Camp Thomas Paine. Stewart’s colors also add to the creepiness of the people in the sewer as they have grey skins and marks over their bodies.

Lobster Johnson Forgotten Man is a good, but albeit predictable story with amazing looking artwork and colors. I did enjoy reading this issue though and I’ll be definitely be checking out what’s next for Lobster Johnson.

3.5 Pied Pipers out of 5

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