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Batman v Superman Plotholes A’Plenty

**WARNING** Before reading, this will contain major spoilers.

Love it or hate it Batman vs Superman has been a big hit and from the money that it’s pulled in, the movie is giving Warner Brothers the green light to start their next movie.

No matter how much you want to debate how good or how bad it was, there is no way that you can really escape some of the glaring plotholes in the movie.

Let’s take a look at a few.

What the hell is wrong with Bruce Wayne’s parents???

No matter how many times this gets retold, and quite frankly, I am sick of being reminded, I have NEVER understood how it is that as rich as the Waynes are, why the heck they would walk the streets of Gotham?  They didn’t have a car waiting?  Was Alfred stuck in traffic? They couldn’t hail a taxi?  I don’t know but I have felt for years that somehow their death was preventable by just using good common sense.

Just exactly how far was Gotham from Metropolis?

Maybe it was just me but did it seem like that these cities were really close to each other?  I mean like right across the river kind of close?   If that is the case, I would like to find out from city planners how it is that these two cities were so close yet so different.  Metropolis despite being in the process of rebuilding after what happened in Man of Steel seemed to be a happier place to be than Gotham.  So, again I come back to the idea that if they were that close and Batman was retired, Superman should have been able within 2 years, to keep both Gotham and Metropolis in check. I mean come on, somehow he saved a Soviet rocket, 1000’s of miles away from being completely destroyed, Gotham was up the street and around the corner.

Who is still using film?

So, remember that scene where Lois and Jimmy go to Nairomi?  (nice lazy way of not saying Nairobi)  When the rebels seize Jimmy’s camera, they pull out FILM.  WHO USES FILM?  I have a stack-load of SD Card. I would have gladly loaned them if they didn’t show Jimmy using FILM!  Maybe I should be glad that they killed him, for using outdated tech.  Yes folks,  Jimmy Olsen is DEAD.  One of Superman’s key supporting characters got killed off with little fanfare.  Let’s talk some more about murder shall we?

Clark Kent: Killer

Ok,  so in Man of Steel, one of the biggest debates people had was about Superman killing Zod and what kind of effect it would have on him.  Was he remorseful?  Did it affect him mentally?  Was it justified?  Many of us took the side that the ends justified the means and took pity on him.  Yet, when Superman goes to rescue Lois from Nairomi, he smashes the leader through a concrete wall.  At high speed.  Through a WALL.  If you are getting pancaked against and through a concrete wall by someone flying at high speed,  I am almost certain you won’t be breathing ever again.

Since we are on killers…let’s skip ahead a tiny bit.

Bruce Wayne: Killer

Since when has Batman started using guns to kill people?   Remember the high speed chase where Batman was trying to get the stolen Kryptonite from Luthor’s henchmen? Uhhh…there were Gatling guns that were making Swiss cheese out of those cars and  I never saw so much as a corny “let’s escape the car before it blows” moment from the henchmen.   There was one segment where a car was grappled by a cable from the Batmobile, dragged through the street and thrown at another car.  I don’t recall ever seeing anyone run for their lives as these cars were destroyed.  Sidebar: also since when did Batman start branding people?

So, how was Wonder Woman going to get that data, anyway?

So, one could say that Wonder Woman was just an opportunist but I really want to know if Bruce didn’t show up at that party, just how was she going to get that data?  Bruce did all of the hard work to sneak down to the mainframe and download Luthor’s data only to have Diana take the drive.  So, why was she even at the party and what was she going to do?   I can’t see her forcing her way through and having to fight her way out without blowing her cover.

So, wait, the US Government sat on its hands while private businessmen exchanged money for Kryptonite?

Yeah, that happened.  I am wondering if this is what a Trump run government would look like because I am not exactly surprised.  But, you just had two humanoid aliens tear up the planet and huge swaths of space junk is just lying around for anyone to get?  Again, go back to the end of Man of Steel.  If the US government and the rest of the world were that paranoid about keeping Superman in check, they would have seized ALL Kryptonian tech ASAP. Remember, the government was about to balk with getting into bed with Lexcorp and building weapons of destruction to stop Superman.  Thus, Luther blew them up for being blown off.

Just how did Wallace sneak that bomb in?

One of Bruce Wayne’s employees Wallace Keefe, loses his legs during the Zod vs Kal-el brawl.  Lex Luther pretty much makes Keefe a Taliban-esque bomber by outfitting him with a bomb-laden wheelchair.   Let’s let go the part where the guards may have missed it at the door. I will give Luthor a tiny bit of credit at perhaps buiding a chair that was powerful enough to foll sensor.  But you mean to tell me that a man who heard the transceiver in Bruce Wayne’s ear at a party couldn’t hear a BOMB in a wheelchair?   Naaaaaaaahhhh. And rather than investigate the explosion, Superman goes off into hiding?  NNNNAAAAAAAAHHHHH.

So why do they really hate each other?

This may have been one of the most threadbare points of the movie,  that even my wife pointed it out.  Why exactly did Batman and Superman have beef and why didn’t both spend more time trying to figure out and investigate their motivations?  Sure, we know very well why Bruce hated Superman…or then again, I don’t know. My reasoning was that Superman orphaned another child and that Bruce could relate. However you never really see either one of them taking the time to deduce the other’s identity.  Bruce spent more time trying to find out who Diana Prince was than he did Clark Kent. On the other hand, if I met someone who rubbed me the wrong way at a party but I saw a beautiful woman, guess which one I am investigating.   Hint: it ain’t the dude!!!  But come on, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor figured it out!!  Maybe after 20 years of being Batman made Bruce rusty.

What’s up with Bruce’s mansion?

While I kind of get that there are nuances to the Nolan-verse and Snyder-verse,  this is the sort of thing that will confuse casual movie goers.  Several times, we see Bruce revisiting the remains of his old mansion.  The problem is that in Nolan’s Batman movies, the mansion is restored.  So, (and not that I really care) how is it that the mansion in Snyder’s movie has come to ruin?  Also where is the Batcave in relation to the mansion.

So, what material was Bruce’s Bat armor made of anyway?

Maybe it was adamantium or vibranium…………………

BUT, point being that when these two fought it seems like that at some point Superman could have and should have easily been able to rip Bruce out of his armor.  There’s other things that never really made much sense during the fight.  Most importantly that Superman nearly drowned trying to get the Kryptonite spear and somehow Lois Lane gets the strength to pull his big heavy arse out of the water to do.  Furthermore,  Superman never moved far enough away to even recover the STRENGTH to fly and impale Doomsday with said spear as he did.  Why not just have Wonder Woman do it since she seems to be the only other one capable of going toe to toe with Doomsday? I get that Snyder wants to sacrifice Superman for the next movie but come on!!!

Is Superman really Wolverine?

This is where the ball may be getting dropped here.  Sure the movie wanted to mimic the Dark Knight Returns as well as The Death of Superman comic book stories in some ways but are we really going to have a Jesus moment from Superman?  In DKR, Batman seemingly dies but only long enough to go underground. In DoS, Superman just gotten beaten to the point of exhaustion and then killed.  At that point,  his body went in to a stasis like state and then there was the Eradicator.  But in this movie, Superman practically has a HOLE stabbed into his chest. A friggin’ HOLE people!  Somehow we hear a heartbeat and see dirt levitate.   Bruce Wayne being the master detective should have investigated to see before Superman’s body was buried, if there was a way to bring him back, but, then again no matter how much these two guys can relate, I don’t think Bruce gave two craps to look into all that Kryptonian tech to check and see.  Superman has a gaping maw in his chest thus he is dead…until the Justice League movie.


Are there any more moments in the movie that didn’t make sense?  Let us know.

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