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A Mea Culpa from Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes

Jesse Hughes, Frontman of the band Eagles Of Death Metal, has issued an apology  on the band’s Facebook Page following controversial comments he made during an interview on the Fox Business Channel. In the interview, he seemed to be suggesting that the security staff at Paris’ Le Bataclan,  the club they were performing at when the attacks began, had prior knowledge of the November 13th terror attack that left 89 people at the venue dead including the bands Merchandise Manager Nick Alexander.
As mea culpas go, this is a good one and I, for one, understand. He said something outrageous and inappropriate, but he has owned it and apologized. In addition, he is suffering from PTSD from being a witness to the horrific events in that theater, the loss of a dear friend in Mr. Alexander, and he is a frakking ROCK STAR, not some one running for office, or someone presented as a role model to kids (you HAVE listened to their music, right? They are labeled as “Stoner Rock” for a reason), so this should be sufficient for any reasonable person.
Let’s move on.
What do you think? Do you accept the apology? Do you think it is enough?
Let us know in the comments!
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