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Review Brew: Another Castle #1

Princess Misty has been kidnapped by the evil Lord Badlug, but she’s not just a damsel in distress!

Writer: Andrew Wheeler

Illustrated & Colors: Paulina Ganucheau

Another Castle #1 is a delightful and fun ride through the Kingdom of Beldora. Writer Andrew Wheeler creates an interesting story that has a unique cast of characters in a familiar setting.

The main character, Misty, is strong willed and confident in her abilities as her father made sure she learned how to fight for self-defense. Misty heads steadfast into battle against Lord Badlug before being captured and I found that intriguing as she didn’t rely on others even after her capture. Instead, Misty plans to bring the walls down around Lord Badlug from the inside.  

We get Lord Badlug’s rise to power explained and it does have some similarities to other villains but while his evil scheme is pretty cliche in some aspects, it leads into what happened to Misty’s mother. Most of the supporting characters don’t do much in this first issue, except for Prince Pete who tries to protect Misty, even if she doesn’t want him to, leading to some humorous dialog between the two. The pacing and dialog were great for just a setup issue. The supporting cast is good, even getting some story of their own, and the humor is handled very well. 

I really loved the artwork by Paulina Ganucheau, it feels like I’m watching a Saturday morning cartoon and is just pure fun to look at. The characters look very distinguished in their appearance yet Ganucheau captures action and emotional scenes very well. The colors pop out at you and are vibrant, highlighting the tone of the story.

Andrew Wheeler did a terrific job on this first issue. The dialog was witty and fun and the story has an awesome heroine even if the villain and his nefarious plot are little cliche. Paulina Ganucheau captures the tone of the story perfectly with her art and colors. I really enjoyed reading this title, even though I just picked it up on a whim. I’m definitely sticking around to see how this new series plays out in the end.

4.5 Princess Misty’s out of 5

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