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SNL spoofs Trump and his supporters.

There are flip flops and then there are flip flops.  As much as Donald Trump has changed on many issues since his run for presidency, it not exactly surprising that many of his allies are turning on him as well.  NBC, who carried his show, Celebrity Apprentice and infamously allowed him to host an episode of SNL this past fall despite a huge outcry from Latino Americans, more or less pulled a 180 on Donald Trump with a spoof on his supporters. Not once but twice.

In the opening, Darrell Hammond playing Trump, references Nazi Germany…and his manhood.

Then there was a ad campaign spoof that targeted Nazis, the KKK and anti- Muslim supporters.

On one hand, it makes one wonder why NBC waited Until after Trump hosted to go after him in such a manner, but on the other hand, with what the GOP has been marketing, they make themselves easy targets for ridicule.


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