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The Sartorial Geek: Catchem all messenger bags

For whatever reason I have developed an obsession with messenger type bags over the past few years. I know it’s weird but I am always trying to find items that can be used for work and play, and messenger bags tend to give me the size and style that I’m looking for in both my work life and my other activities. Messenger bags also lend themselves to being a great canvas for self-expression. The selection of themed messenger bags is endless and range from the sophisticated to downright insane.

As a huge Dragonball Z, fan, sporting a Super Saiyan Goku is my undergraduate self’s wet dream. The very image Goku on this bag lets you know that he is ready for whatever is coming his way. What a better way to start your day than by having Goku by your side.

Sometimes a simple black bag is all that you need. Splash a red biohazard insignia on it and you have a bag that can inspire you to weather through the zombie apocalypse. What better way is there to fight the office zombies than by keeping your survival tools in a bag like this.

I am a HUUUUGGGEEEE Star Trek fan, especially The Next Generation. These uniform themed carriers allow you to evoke the confidence of Picard’s leadership, Riker’s charm, or Data’s analytical wit everywhere you go. These TNG themed bags are a must have for any fan.

One of the things about Halo is that its color scheme leans very heavy on grays and blacks. The militaristic backdrop of the UNSC lends itself to a very sophisticated messenger bag. The color scheme lends itself very well to your suit and tie office game without detracting from your dapper styling. These bags and many others like them can be the perfect accent to your work life balance. The can be a constant reminder to everyone around you that your inner geek is just below the surface, ready and waiting for the right time to come out and run wild.



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