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Review Brew: Chew #55

Writer: John Layman

Artist & Colors: Rob Guillory

Color Assists: Taylor Wells

After last issue’s cliffhanger, how will Tony confront Mason Savoy in the thrilling conclusion to “The Last Suppers” arc? Also, check out that epic cover by Rob Guillory, very tasteful and delicious.

This latest arc of Chew has been amazing, as Mason Savoy is trying to convince Tony Chu to join his cause, but to no avail. John Layman has given so much depth to Savoy over the course of Chew and his dialog in this issue is great. You get inside the head of Savoy and learn how far he is willing to go to reach his goals. You can even feel the sadness that is emanating from him and regrets what he has done. Even going so far as to hurt Amelia and put Tony in an unfavorable position towards the end. The story is well paced with drama, action, and comedy. Also, the story switches between Savoy and Tony searching for him. The misdirection is still there and is taken care of pretty early. This was a great story and it delivered on all cylinders.  

I love Rob Guillory’s art and captures the scenes of emotions perfectly. The action is executed well with Savoy cracking skulls and breaking backs. Also on the same page, you can see a kicking for dummies, which I found pretty funny. The characters still look phenomenal and the panels come together perfectly. Throwing in a goofy character like the “Daucuadifacator” (who creates carrots), is one of the more weird characters that has come out of “Chew”. His suit of armor looks uncomfortable and silly. Taylor Wells assists on colors with Guillory and the colors pop in this issue. The colors just look stunning and create some amazing atmosphere. Red is definitely prominent, especially with how many characters are getting mad in this issue. There is a page that is reminiscent of black and white films, that mixes well in the scene. Combining red in the background to give off a creepy vibe.

Honestly, this issue could have ended three pages earlier, but it was still really good. John Layman and Rob Guillory did a fantastic job on this issue. Everything works and flows together like a nice savory steak. We’re getting close to the end of the series and I can’t wait to see how everything ends.

5 Mason Savoys out of 5

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