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X-Files Season Finale Trailer

The X-Files Season Finale Trailer is here!

Check out The X-Files season finale trailer! Looks like the episode is bringing back agents Miller and Einstein, as well as A.D. Skinner, Monica Reyes, the Cigarette Smoking Man, and Tad O’Malley from the revival’s first episode. We’re getting back to the arc story of why the X-Files have been reopened, and it looks pretty… alien!

Chris Carter told the Television Critics Association that the final episode is going to be a cliffhanger. Either Carter is being optimistic or X-Files fans should be on the lookout for news about an 11th season in the pipes.

Tune in for the The X-Files’ season finale, My Struggle II, on Monday Feb. 22 at 8 pm Eastern on FOX.


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