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Review Brew: Dark and Bloody #1 (of 6) (MR)

Writer: Shawn Aldridge

Artist: Scott Godlewski

Colors: Patricia Mulvihill

Cover Artist: Tyler Cook

Iris Gentry is a war veteran, family man, and making moonshine in the backwoods of Kentucky. After he gives some moonshine to a couple of fellows, the two are attacked by a mysterious creature and disappear the same night.

For a story about monsters and moonshine, the set-up is good; but for horror, it’s lacking. Shawn Aldridge delivers on the dialogue and introducing us to our protagonist and his family. Iris is just trying to provide for his family and not going the route of selling drugs like another resident in the county has done. We also get to understand his thoughts and ideologies on certain topics such as drugs. Even mentioning that the stuff is death, poison, and not natural. His adult life is rather boring, but he is a compelling character. The set-up is a bit generic as people go missing and some sort of creature appears. You can tell what is going on, but it doesn’t help that it seems like an old horror film or B-movie. The pacing is slow, but gets you invested in the story. Also, there needs to be more horror in this title. The closest thing we get to some shock value is at the beginning of the issue with the drowning of puppies. That was tragic to see a seven-year-old boy forced to do this task. 

The art is done by Copperhead artist Scott Godleski. I’ve read a couple of issues of Copperhead before, but I haven’t caught up with the series as of late. The artwork is good, but it seems that characters are not drawn precisely in some panels. I noticed this when looking at a few pages of Iris and the two guys at the beginning of the issue. Certain panels have characters with misshapen faces and eyes which looked awkward. The beginning of the issue had some great-looking art and showed us a dark scene of him when he was younger. Patricia Mulvihill’s colors enhance the look of the environment. The colors of the scenes change based on the scenery and orange is heavily used in the majority of the issue. Mulvihill keeps the tone with the subject matter and creates some interesting atmosphere with the colors.

Dark and Bloody #1 does a fantastic job on the set-up and has a compelling character; but falters for being too similar in some areas. On top of that, having too few horror elements in the story brings it down for me.
3 Moonshiners out of 5

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