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Weekend Coverage: Elektra #8


It’s finally Friday and you know what that means, it’s the “Weekend Coverage”. Well for today’s cover, I have chosen issue eight of the Elektra (2014) series. Written by W. Haden Blackman, art by Michael Del Mundo, and colors by Del Mundo with Marco D’Alfonso. I came late into the Elektra series and was blown away by the story, artwork, and colors. The backstory of this issue has Elektra helping the assassin known as “Cape Crow” elude the assassins guild and finding out the guild is bringing assassins back to life through medical technology. She goes to find the one man that may know the assassins guild leaders location and that man is none other than the crippled “Bullseye”.

Elektra is an assassin by trade and wealthy at that. Del Mundo gives Elektra a slick and sleek look by using the lighting to give off a shiny effect to the cover. Elektra, sitting on her throne, looks as if she just came off of a fresh kill and asking for weapons, but carrying her two sais are more than enough. Just by looking at her you can tell she is imposing and they she doesn’t even smile or look at you. I can see why the butler is there with a plate of ammunition, a handgun, a shuriken, a knife, SMG, a kunai, and a belt of 50. caliber rounds in his left arm. The guy must be strong to carry that much weaponry. Let us not forget the sniper rifle to her right. Stacks of money in the background and foreground blend seamlessly together. Also, you if you take a closer look at the money you can see words on the bands like “Mo $ Mo Prob” and “Make’Em NV”, which was a nice touch to the scene. I never noticed that until looking at this cover again and zooming in on that portion of the screen.  

The colors look beautiful and vibrant. The throne that Elektra sits on is gorgeous with some intricate pieces in it. Elektra is all about red and the red on her looks stunning. I know assassins shouldn’t wear red, but the colors shine on her. The money that appears in the scene is quite interesting to look at because some of the money in the front looks painted on while other areas looked drawn with good detail. I love the color scheme used for Elektra and her butlers skin tone with a mix of various colors It also helps establish shadows in the artwork as well. The background lettering looks very 80’s with the color scheme. Talking about just one cover one thing but if you like more of Michael Del Mundo’s work check out the rest of the Elektra series or go to his website here or twitter page.


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