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Supergirl S1:E12 Recap

Supergirl Recap Go!

David Harewood as Hank Henshaw/J'onn J'onzz; Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers and Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers/Supergirl Supergirl CBS

Three months ago Max started playing merry havoc with Jane Doe’s DNA, adding Kara’s DNA to it. When Jane Doe wakes up fully he starts quoting Shelley at her and begins her lessons: every time she sees Kara she gets shock treatments. She also has been cosmetically enhanced to look like Kara as Max wants to replace Kara with his own Supergirl in every way. Because they’ve abandoned all attempts at subtlety and have just decided to go full on mustache twirling supervillain with Max.

At work Winn wants to know why the hell Kara threw a truck at a mountain? Kara tells him it wasn’t her and asks him if he’s speaking to her now. Winn’s still not ready to go that far but does agree to meet with James and Kara to figure out WTF is going on with her doppelganger. They find out that Max kidnapped seven girls over the course of two years until he finally got one to work because why not just make him as gross as possible.

Kara goes on her date with Adam and it’s going pretty well, and apparently has Cat’s full approval, when she sees that a trailway is loose and about to fall. She bails on the date to rescue it but Bizarro!Supergirl shows up and almost kills her and the passengers. However when Kara abandons the fight to save the passengers Bizarro!Supergirl starts to realize Kara’s not ‘bad’ as she’s been programmed to believe. When Bizarro asks Max if Kara is really bad he, in the moment there’s no coming back from, fondles her and asks who she loves more: him or Kara. There are so many levels of disturbing to unpack here I don’t even know where to begin and this is before he tries to feel up Alex/threaten her when she confronts him.


The entire rest of the episode is Kara and Alex talking each other down from just killing Max and him doing everything he can to get murdered. The fact that the girls began to empathize with Bizarro only makes their murderous feelings amp up. 

The good: Everyone’s interactions. Winn and James seem like friends who genuinely care about each other while Kara, Alex and Hank can always be counted on to bring the family vibe in full force. Hope Lauren does an excellent job as Bizarro and gives the character an innocence that is absolutely necessary to make Bizarro work.

The bad: everything with Max Lord is too damn rushed and Peter Facinelli’s vibe went from charming but crazy to straight creepy molester in a very short time. It’s disturbing as hell and not in a good way.

With what looks to be Starro on the horizon and Astra back in play I really need the show to learn how to breathe a bit.

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