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Romantic Comedy KDramas AKA Instructions for Men

KDramas aka Instructions for Men

If you don’t understand the hype with women and Korean dramas I have three words for you: Romantic Comedy Kdramas. Here are my top reasons why men can learn from RomCom KDramas:

  • Even the most broody character in Kdrama becomes sweet and sensitive to the girl he loves.

The main male character doesn’t believe that the girl has to be nice to him. He never feels that he deserves the woman’s attention but instead attempts to gain it.  The boy chases this girl in a subtle yet unique way.  They get to know the girl often through friends or family, or just simple interactions with the girl.  The greatest lesson you can learn is to be softer to the girl you are interested in.  She has caught your interest and if she decides to give you a chance there is no point in being macho anymore to sway her to you.  By being sweet and sensitive these characters often treat the girl like she is special, which in turn makes her feel special.

  • The main male character has goals for himself as far as career, family and other aspects of life.

Men in Kdramas are successful for a reason.  Yes, they may have had a rich family, but if you notice the rich kids have to earn a title in the company that their parents own.  These men aren’t given an easy pass at all. Most of them are educated and use their skills to find a career and move forward in it.  Often times they are stable financially and even when they do cause a burden on their significant other… it’s because they went off on a business venture (that later turns successful mind you). These characters also respect their families and may go against their parents to marry someone they love, but still have plans to make them happy.  Lastly, they have their own friends, their own hobbies, and their own values.  Their goals go beyond just their career and towards fulfilling them on an emotional level.

  • They don’t try to change their love interest, and if they try they realize the woman they fell in love with is perfect as is.

This is important. I have many times witnessed female friends become boyfriend oriented.  They literally change and mold into something similar to their boyfriend or to their boyfriend’s wants.  You picked this girl for a reason let her be.  She has her own friends, her own hobbies and her own goals.  It’s about coexistence rather than turning into a person’s other half, which is something that we see happen in Kdramas.

  • They realize they can’t be a jerk.

You don’t see these guys cheat. In fact if you see them behaving badly it’s because the girl is treating them like garbage. Other times it’s really them having their ego hurt because the girl won’t budge, usually because the girl isn’t being treated as an equal.  These men learn to stop objectifying their women.  Even though culturally the wives are married into the male’s family, often times they are the head of the household.  This is something the fathers of the main male character teach their sons: women are just as smart as they are or even smarter.

At the end of the day, Kdrama men learn an important lesson; be honest.  Be honest with yourself and with the person you are falling for.  If it’s meant to be it will fall in place.  If you are a man who has never watched Kdramas I highly suggest studying up.  There is a reason why girls go crazy over Kdrama actors…because their characters are so great!

You can watch Playful Kiss and Boys Over Flowers on Netflix to get you started!

Hope this tips helps you land a valentine!

Disclaimer: I’m not pointing out that all Korean dramas have men who have similar personalities and will successfully accomplish all 4 traits.  This is what I have seen as a consistent theme in kdramas.


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