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Review Brew: Chew #54

I have stuck with this book since the beginning. There are no other Marvel or DC titles that I can think of that I have kept in my pull list longer than Chew.

So with each issue now drawing closer to the end of the series, this issue was stunning and disbelieving at its end.

The tone was very different in this book as it starts out with a prologue of Savoy that seems to lay down a final confrontation that he plans on having with Tony Chiu. Meanwhile, we see that Amelia has not only become a successful book writer but has gained a new power as well. The other portion of the arc involves Tony going after a felon from one of his cold cases as he investigates exploding cows as he also seeming has a power upgrade.

This is one of those issues that felt like it was missing some of its humor.   Most of Rob Guillory’s visual gags were missing but only because there was something coming that you just didn’t see until the end and when you hit the end…well, let’s just say that I am still in disbelief of what I saw. To me, reading the book I felt it’s absence and even after looking at the last page it was difficult to go back and try to find all the little Easter eggs that Rob so generously leaves. It’s also possible that John Layman wants us to believe one thing when he is totally planning on taking us in another direction.

One thing is for sure and that is as we come down to the final six issues, after what Tony sees, the gloves are off.   We are close to the end of a world that I have come to know and love for years and still have no idea what we will see, but the new loss that will surely affect Tony and push this book to its inevitable conclusion.

4.25 60 Issue Runs out of 5

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