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Arrow S4:E10

Everyone’s booked the train to crazy town on Arrow.

Alexander Calvert as Anarky Arrow The CW

Blood Debts

It’s been 24 hours since the last episode and Oliver’s in Season One murder mode in his efforts to track Damien Darhk. Due to that he pretty much shites all over everyone else but especially Felicity, as he’s too obsessed with killing Darhk to actually go see his girlfriend after she’s been shot and Laurel and Thea, who have increasingly become the voices of reason and calm on this show. His recklessness leads to one of the biggest potential disasters ever on this show, which is saying a lot, as he allows Anarky to roam free. 

Yes, Anarky is back and he’s on a vengeance spree against Damien, killing everyone and anyone who is in his path. Well, everyone except Thea. It seems setting him on fire is the way to Anarky’s heart and Thea’s picked up an admirer. She’s entirely unimpressed by this development.

In other news we get some more insight into the family situation of Andy and John; Laurel and Thea’s sisterly dynamic continues to become stronger; Lyla makes a welcome reappearance and Felicity becomes Oracle in all but name, making me rage face on multiple levels. As I’ve said before, I truly like the actress, she is the only reason this character remotely works, but Felicity has almost passed Lana Lang in terms of biggest Mary Sue to be a part of a DC show.

The episode ends with Oliver having sown the seeds of his own destruction utterly as his need for vengeance puts everyone he knows in serious danger and Damien still alive but now even more pissed off than he was before.

I give this episode 3 out of 5 flamethrowers

  • This show will continue to lose a rating point due to the flashbacks which are long past the point usefulness and waste extremely talented actors.
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