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Groovy Grab Bag: 1/15/16

What’s up folks? As always, a new week, a new Groovy Grab Bag. There’s plenty to discuss this week. And if you have anything to add, go onto the twitter.


Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #3

Archie #5

Ultimates #3

Totally Awesome Hulk #2

We Are Robin #5

We Are Robin #6

All-New X-Men #1

All-New X-Men #2

Spider-Man/Deadpool #1

Batman & Robin Eternal #14

Robin: Son of Batman #6

Robin: Son of Batman #7

Detective Comics #48

Invincible Iron Man #5

The Fade Out #12

Howard the Duck #3

Vision #3

Green Lantern #48

This week’s reading list was fairly large as you can see.The stand out here was by far the final issue of The Fade Out. While I’m an admitted Brubaker and Phillips fan, this series was easily one of their best works in a while, even by the typically high standards of this pairing. The key strength of every one of their books is atmosphere, and that’s no different here. While I don’t want to spoil the plot, I recommend anyone who’s interested give it a try, it’s good reading for the next Criminal series.

The other impressive comic of the week as always it seems is the Vision. While I’m an easy mark for Marvel’s current lineup, this run on the character by Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta is easily deserving of a look at the top. While a lot of other comics would move to the extreme with the Vision’s decision to build a family, there’s a great deal of effort in keeping the proceedings ambiguous. No one is in fact a wholly good or bad person (except for maybe the Grim Reaper), but the comic draws a lot of attention to the correlation between the Vision’s current family, and his family with the Scarlet Witch: children included. The unsettling conclusion of that idea, that he’s attempting to create a replacement has more than its fair share of implications, especially with the fact that the Vision created his new family, not a choice by anyone else.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Black Mirror


Considering the ubiquity of Star Wars-related media these days, it could be seen as a bit odd to watch what’s essentially the last original Star Wars work by George Lucas before the franchise was sold to Disney. But I’ll admit to having never watched The Clone Wars and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, which was a good impulse in this case. The show does quite a bit to capture the tone of the movies. Even in an all-ages show, it does so much more to capture the gravity of the Clone Wars than the prequel movies did. That said, while Ashoka does come off a bit cutesy, she’s overall a great audience identification character for people who are unfamilar with Star Wars, and surprisingly even Anakin is given a great deal more likability compared to the films among other characters who similarly suffered. While it doesn’t have the sheer super-action of the Clone Wars cartoon from 10 years back, this does have that similar ability to push further than a children’s cartoon on the subject matter it presents.

Black Mirror is not a show you want to binge watch. It’s probably one of the most horrifying shows on television and the Christmas Special is no different in that regard. While the show has largely put British actors front and center, White Christmas leads off with Jon Hamm in one of the most heartbreaking episodes yet. While I won’t spoil the twist, the show uses Hamm’s considerable talent at playing liars extremely well, and it doesn’t use sentimentality to sand off the edges like other shows would for a holiday episode.

Video Games


As always, I thank the universe for the existence of my local library. With my considerable aversion to licensed tie-ins, its always best to maintain a bit of distance, and as Arkham Knight demonstrated: even a reliable franchise can come with its share of disappointment. In the case of Deadpool, I wasn’t expecting too much but a bit of fun, and with my distaste for the Daniel Way run, expectations are best to be kept low. While Way’s crass sense of humor works a bit better here, the game can’t really escape the fact that while it does make fun of the action-adventure genre that its a part of, it’s still falling into the tropes that it makes fun of. Overall, Deadpool is a fairly fun time sinker, but nothing worth buying.

Now you all have a great weekend. Hopefully you’re not as sick as I’ve been the last couple weeks and get to read more comics, and play more video games. Or y’know… work, I hear that’s a better use of time occasionally.

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