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Perfecting the art of Netflix and chill

Old school ideas for a new school concept.

Webster Style

It’s amazing how technology changes our lives and in some instances it makes us much lazier in doing so. Before there was “Netflix and chill” there was “Blockbuster and chill” and it required just a little more work in that you and your date may actually have spent some time at the video store deciding on what movie to pick out and also possibly having a Plan B or C in case your first option is gone. Part of doing this allowed you time to further get to know your date, really understand what they liked and just get an idea of how they were out in public. For the most part, these outings could be fun even if the store was a short jaunt or car ride away.

But, it’s been replaced with ‘Netflix and chill’ and even though technology has changed, the concept behind this still hasn’t. Not…

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