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Imperial Assault Carrier for X-Wing Miniature Game

As the players around the globe prepare for a “Rebels” invasion, it’s the Imperial forces who get the first ship from the popular Disney XD cartoon. Wave 8 of the Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing miniature starship battles game has been anticipated since it was first announced. In particular, players have been looking forward to fielding lists with the crew of the Ghost. But for the Empire, it’s meant the second huge-class ship in the arsenal.

The Imperial Assault Carrier – affectionately referred to as the Gozanti-class cruiser – comes with two standard TIE Fighters (With cool steel blue repaints) and pegs to actually carry four ships on its ventral side. It is limited, however, to TIEs, TIE Advanced, TIE Interceptors or TIE Bombers, with no mixing TIE types (TIEpes?).

And new TIE fighters means new TIE fighter pilots – just like the Imperial Raider expansion really rounded out the TIE Advanced to where it is now one of the favorite ships of regular Imperial players. The new pilots come with some fantastic abilities, like “Scourge,” who rolls an additional attack die on any target already carrying a damage card. Or his wingman, “Wampa,” who gives you the option to cancel all dice results, and if you cancel a critical hit, you automatically deal the target a facedown damage card. That’s regardless of shield status and, consequently, would put “Scourge’s” ability in play.

And then there’s the Gozanti itself. Learn to love the phrase “unlimited missiles or torpedoes.” The Ordnance Tube cargo card turns your carrier into a fully armed and operational missile boat. An opponent flies swarms in tight formation? Unlimited Assault Missiles. Dealing with another Huge ship? Cluster Missile the heck out of them. Just need something reliable? Proton Torpedoes all day. And the best thing is the Gozanti’s firing arc is huge.

The other option is to give your Gozanti a turret, which makes its survivability a little more likely as the cruiser has no inherent primary weapon and no other way to defend its aft. Thankfully players can mitigate some of the inevitable damage with the new Construction Droid crew card. It lets players spend an energy to discard a facedown damage card while taking the Recover action.

There are several other great cards in this set that make the Gozanti a force to be reckoned with, and even more that improve other ships (Imperial Raider with Ordnance Tubes!) or round out already existing favorites (TIE swarms are about to be rewritten from the ground up). It’s definitely worth picking up and is just about mandatory for any Imperial player, especially with the Ghost and her crew soon to be released. Now players can rewrite scenes from “Rebels,” and maybe with this ship, the heroes won’t fare as well as they do in the show.

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