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Anime Nights Just Got Cooler in BMore

Maybe there’s a movie your friend hasn’t watched for some crazy reason. Maybe the first words out of your mouth are “but it’s a classic!” What is the first thing you do? You and your friends get the movie, get the snacks, and you stay up late at your house while you watch your naive friend slowly realize that he or she was missing out on a great film. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Now think of that in a much grander, and far more magical, scale. There is nothing like seeing your anime favorites on a movie screen and having old and new fans get together to share this amazing experience.  Thanks to the Baltimore Anime Denizens, DMV Anime Watchers, and The Charles Theatre, that magic has been spreading through the city, giving us one more reason why Baltimore is so charming.

Michael Young, along with Rob Perry, Adam Novak, and Chris Anderson from the Baltimore Anime Denizens, and I, from the DMV Anime Watchers, got connected with Brianna Giarratano, the managing director of the Charles as well as the creator and curator of the anime night series to begin a partnership for promo and hosting The Anime Night series 2 at Charles. We selected each movie with care to make sure every experience is unforgettable.
We’ve also put together an Anime Happy Hour from 6-8:30pm at the Crown, an amazing Korean style restaurant, where we’ll screen an anime series before heading down to The Charles Theater for The Anime Nights. Our final movie for the year has both shaken and influenced generations of anime lovers young and old. With the power of telekinesis, a young man turns into a psionic psychopath and helped changed the face of anime. On Wednesday, December 23rd we will be wrap up the incredibly successful Anime Nights with Akira, and then return for another series in March.
What: Anime Nights at the Charles
Where: The Charles Theatre- 1711 N Charles St
When: Dec 23rd 9pm
What Movie: Akira
Also don’t forget Anime Happy Hour at The Crown from 6-830pm.

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