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Groovy Grab Bag 12/21/15

Hello Boys and Girls, coming to you from the day of Monday as always is the Groovy Grab Bag and boy do we have a big week coming along. As always, please feel free to throw your own thoughts and pop culture consumption into the comments section below, or on my twitter. Now let the games begin!


Starbrand and Nightmask #1

Silk #2

Ms. Marvel #2

Justice League #46

Batman & Robin Eternal #11

Black Knight #1

Klaus #2

Black Knight #2

Descender #8

The Marvel flood in my reading list continues. Ms. Marvel in particular was wonderful this week. As much as it toys with fan emotions by putting barriers between Kamala and Bruno, that just means the book is doing its job in making you care about the characters. And as much as one might miss Alphona, Takeshi Miyazawa is no slouch either in ensuring the style of the series continues, and moreover continually adding shades that these are teenagers and that things change both physically and emotionally. The other major standout for this week in my opinion is Klaus #2. I can’t say I ever expected what amounts to “Santa Claus Year One” to be one of my favorite comics, but here we are. There’s plenty of nuance wrapped around a fairly simple plot, and the Dan Mora art is the biggest hero of all here: bringing as much to the smaller moments as the action, definitely a comic worth getting.


The Leftovers

The Wire


It’s certainly been a heavy week of television on my part. Leftovers quickly evolved for me from what amounted to “Oh no, a Damon Lindelof thing” to being one of the most poignant examinations of just what composes family, community, or even what defines humanity when reality has been defied. I won’t go too much farther into it, but the performances raise the bar fairly quickly even during the most tepid writing, but the show has a consistency and even reaches beyond what could be expected of a show of that kind. It’s definitely one of the defining shows of 2014 and 2015.

The Wire is something I started earlier this year at the behest of one of my best friends. I devoured the series start to finish fairly quickly, and I’d confidently say it’s one of my favorite shows period, not to mention one of my favorite cultural offerings from America. But rewatching it with my father has been an experience, both in knowing where things go, and when you realize the simple inevitability of certain twists just based on how limited the outcomes most of the characters have. The acting across the board is extremely top-notch, as is the writing, and directing. And while in some ways it seems like a period piece of the early 2000’s and The War on Terror narrative, it still is insanely evocative of the current racial and economic turmoil facing America at the moment, again that tinge of inevitability the show has always had.

Video Games:

Fallout 4

Look, this is blasphemy but Fallout 4 just isn’t my thing. It’s a good game admittedly, there’s plenty to enjoy, and there’s a simple pleasure to the aesthetic of the Wasteland. But compared to even New Vegas, it kind of lags. There hasn’t been much improvement in the FPS mechanics that have defined the series since Fallout 3, and the game largely relies on VATS to do a decent amount of damage when you’re not sniping or sneaking. I digress either way though, I’ll likely wait for the PC version to go cheap so I can toy around with the game via modding.

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