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Review Brew: Lives

Writer: Glenn Farrington

Artwork: The Fillbach Brothers

I have read many great OGNs- Original Graphic Novels – yet it’s been some time that one has made me want to read it again and again in the same sitting. Lives, a poignant tale of 5 very different individuals on a typical New York morning.  We follow these individuals as their paths will lead to an event that will change their lives forever.

Lives, takes an ambitious approach to weaving its tale by not having any dialogue for the first 17 to 18 pages. Instead it use the incredible talents of the Fillbach Brothers – Matthew and Shawn- to flesh out the story through their illustrations. With the book being oversized it truly allows the Fillbach’s artwork to shine in all it’s glory. The use of black and white adds this haunting quality as we observe what looks to be the morning ritual of these individuals.  Each sequence gave of a movie like quality as you follow panel to panel in this story. Their use of light and shadow really is amazing as it helps to flesh out the state of mind of each character with out a single line of dialogue.

The story’s just as compelling as the artwork that illustrates it. The care that Glenn Farrington put into the story makes it feel personal. As the tale of these five people unfolds we discover work all together in the same office. That makes you wonder how much do you know about the people you interact with everyday. Everyone has a story to tell  good, bad, boring or extreme. Glenn’s tale enforces we all come from different backgrounds but when an event happens – especially a tragic one – we all come together as one.

Though being only 22 pages, it’s incredibly short and powerful. You could read Lives over and over and it stays fresh and just as captivating. This is what makes the indie comic market so great; getting to read thought-provoking stories such as this which are a great change of pace from our usual superhero exploits.

I give it 5 Lives out of 5



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