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SNL skit pokes fun at adult Star Wars collectors

As they say, Star Wars is a franchise for all generations and nothing is more true than when it comes to the toys.

I have to admit, I was one of those who was slightly hurt seeing this skit (my action figure collection is obscene) but, it’s funny as hell and right on point.

The skit is a mock commercial of all of the new toys that are coming out in anticipation for The Force Awakens but of course the kicker is, showing how grown adults collect toys from keeping things MIB (collectors knows what this means, just ask one) to telling a kid how to properly land a toy Millennium Falcon.

So, if you are out there trying to find a Captain Phasma figure or debating why it’s wrong for Disney to issue a DMCA notice to adult collectors buying a toy too early, go look at this skit and…feel a little guilty with me.



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