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My Top 5 Anime Christmas Specials

Christmas in America represents family and togetherness, with some of its roots in Christianity, yet it’s treated much differently in Japan. In the land of the rising Sun it is a time for romance and a time to spend with with the one you love, so inviting someone to spend Christmas eve with you is a deep, romantic gesture. With these implications in mind I’m bringing you my list of anime specials to see this season!


#5 Detective Conan: Kareoke Killing

Even though it is the Christmas season, some of us don’t exactly feel all that cheery. This is one for those with unrequited love and a tearjerker. This episode of Conan begins with the normal shopping boy-chatter from Rachel and Serena,with Conan tagging along. It shifts gears into the darker side of the holiday when the leader of the pop band Lex mysteriously dies. It’s up to Conan solve the case and traditional Christmas songs put the final nail in the rider’s coffin.


#4 Hamtaro Merry Christmas

Need to bring a little bit of Toonami back in your life this holiday season? Hamtaro can be the thing to do just that for the whole family. As Christmas is approaching the hamsters think about the presents they will get this year, except Boss, who finds out Santa only gives gifts to “good” hamsters. It’s now up to the hamsters to find Santa and tell him how good Boss is, but they keep finding imposters. This light hearted addition to the list is something to keep in mind, especially for little ones learning just how great anime is.


#3 Kamichu!

Even though this series is geared towards children, I feel this is one where adults could benefit from watching as well. Yuri is a normal school girl who is also a Shinto God and you follow along with her and her friends. This special focuses on how the western holiday is taking over, with a focus on Santa, romance, cake and presents. Trying to free their neighbors from its influence, Matsuri, one of her friends, steers them towards a Yuri- centered holiday. At the very end the younger sister of Matsuri, Miko, states the lesson of the whole episode; saying that she’ll celebrate Christmas the way she wants without anyone’s influences.


#2 Love Hina: Silent Eve

This special focuses more on the character’s interactions with each other. This is arguably the best episode the series has to offer with it’s perfect balance of slapstick, love, misunderstandings and drama. Through trials and tribulations Keitaro and Naru have to beat the odds to spend Christmas eve together.


#1-Tokyo Godfathers

This one one is near and dear to my heart and I watch this movie every year. The story focuses on three homeless people who find a baby in the trash on Christmas Eve. While searching for the child’s mother, there are a series of circumstances that help in revealing each of their past and through lessons of forgiveness and family this movie will leave you making it a Christmas tradition in your home.


What specials are on your personal list? Let me know in the comments below!

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