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Gettin’ Crafty: How to Add Rhinestones to a Dress

If dance is your game, Natalie is her name!

But Why?

A good ballroom dance dress can cost upwards of $1000 – and dancers who compete in more than one style will need more than one. I dance in American smooth and American rhythm: the former requires a long dress and the latter a knee-length. I don’t have a grand or two laying around, so I set out to find a cheaper option and stumbled across an figure skater’s how-to guide on a process called stoning.

Haha, I know, very funny.

Moving on, stoning is the process of adding rhinestones to a dress. Sarah’s guide left me hopeful: like her, I’m not super crafty. Her guide made stoning sound easy, so I searched Ebay for plain costume dresses. I couldn’t argue with the prices I found.

So I ordered two dresses (pictured below). I chose to complete one dress at a time instead of working on both simultaneously. I set up a table in my kitchen and organized…

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