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The Asterisk War Episode 9

It’s finally here after Nine episodes the moment we have all been waiting for…. The Battle Festas Has Begun!!!!!  It’s the games talked about the entire series, and the reason all the heroes in the show have been fighting towards. Yet now that it’s here it that doesn’t mean things are smooth throughout the Academy’s on Asterisk.  Ayato has taken first place in rankings by beating Kirin the Lightning Blade, which painted a huge target right on his chest as forces are moving to take him out. Not only that but this years games introduced a new rule, that allows autonomous puppets to substitute for a player. As we have seen in previous episodes puppets have posed a huge problem to Ayato and his friends. Despite all this our heroes will fight so lets see how far they can go or better how long they will last.

This was another spectacularly animated episode filled with action and the introduction of two new chara…I mean puppets Aldy and Rimsy. The introduction of those two have brought a new dynamic to the show with their menacing looks and completely unexpected personalities. It was fun watching the banter of the two of them. Also this episode had a lot more intrigue as more plot points had begun and connections to Ayato’s past. The pacing of this episode has picked up as we move closer to the finale.

I would have to call this a turning point episode we spent the eight previous episodes with character development. Now we have the meat of the show and all the plots hinted have led us here,  It’s exciting and fun to watch.

So I give this episode 4 Ogre Lux out of 5

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