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Captain America: Civil War trailer debuts and it’s HOT!!!!!


If you managed to catch Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, you would have been able to see this scintillating trailer firsthand and man, this looks incredible!


Even though another Marvel story looks to deviate again from the comic book source, the plot looks to be intriguing.  Winter Soldier has come to grips with who he was but that doesn’t stop the government from coming after him to make him answer for his crimes.  Captain America is forced to choose to either do what’s right vs choosing to save his friend from near certain death. He then of course comes at odds with Iron Man and the superhuman community splits sides!

Watch this trailer now to see the evolution of the Falcon’s wings, a tense standoff with Iron Man, War Machine and Cap not to mention a 2 on one beatdown to close out the trailer!

Captain America is set to open May 6, 2016.   Same weekend as Free Comic Book Day across the world.


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