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Review Brew: Earth 2 – Society #6

Writer: Daniel H. Wilson

Artist: Alisson Borges

Color Artist: Alejandro Sanchez and Blond

Last issue, we found out what the Flash has been doing since his arrival with the rest of the heroes on their new earth. After stopping Overwatch-One from falling out of orbit, the team of Batman, Flash, and Superman rush to find the culprit, who is none other than Jimmy Olsen. Wait a minute, didn’t he used to be a good guy? Well, in this issue we find out why.

I love how Earth 2 is being developed with each issue focusing on a different hero and what have they been up to post planetfall. The story switches between different viewpoints focusing on Olsen, Huntress, and Hourman. Jimmy Olsen has been one of the good guys during the war against Apokolips and now we find out why he becomes the newly named “Doctor Impossible”. I don’t know a lot about Hourman, but this version of him is cool and has ties to the drug “Miraclo”. I haven’t even heard of Johnny Sorrow either, until this very issue. Huntress is only in the issue for a few pages and it doesn’t evolve her character much. It just makes her out to be The dialog was good, especially with Olsen, highlighting his new change of character. I hope there is still more to the story than just creating a plot that has been done before.

The art is very engaging with action sequences happening after the first few pages and subtle moments that even in a new world, you can enjoy the little things. Borges does a great job on art with the new style of the characters. The fight between Batman, Flash, Val Zod, Doctor Impossible, and his cohorts was short, but sweet. Johnny Sorrow and Hourman were the standouts in this fight as you don’t know what to expect with these two. Some of the characters bodies look weird in some scenes, but doesn’t take away from the art. Also, there’s a scar on the wrong side of a character that I noticed after a couple of  read-throughs. The team of Sanchez and Blond work well here. The contrasting colors work together and the use of colors on the redesigned characters looks great. Also, purple and violet is used a lot within the story.

If you enjoy the story so far, this was a decent issue. I enjoyed it, but it could have been better overall. Wilson does a good job of trying to make Jimmy out to be the bad guy, but the issue doesn’t give you enough to warrant it. Introducing Hourman and Johnny Sorrow, was a nice way to integrate these two into the new world. The art was well done and the colors looked amazing.

3 Johnny Sorrow’s out of 5

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