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Culturally Speaking: One Punch-Man EP 7: “The Ultimate Disciple” review

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a giant meteor heading for City Z! When the Hero Association calls in Genos, with the task of destroying it, he is greeted by S-Class hero “Bang” and meets another S-Class hero, the mysterious “Metal Knight”. Will the trio be able to stop the meteor before hitting City Z? Check out this review to find out.

Yes, they actually manage to stop the meteor with the help of Saitama, but it’s the aftermath that makes things interesting for our caped hero. This was another great episode of One Punch-Man, stunning animation, voice acting and storytelling.

The pacing of the episode was good and keeps you entertained throughout as the story flew right by, keeping my attention and introducing two more members of the Hero Association’s S-Class: Bang voiced by Kazuhiro Yamaji known for such voices as “Joji Saiga” from “Psycho-Pass” and “Senior Pink” from “One Piece” and Metal Knight voiced by Tessho Genda known for the voices of Taurus Aldebaran in “Saint Seiya” and Oculus from “Death Parade”.

The show does a good job of establishing the personalities of Bang and Metal Knight. Bang is the calm master while Metal Knight is a man who uses his heroic status as a way to test his weapons with little care for others safety. The voice actors do an amazing job on those two characters.

Genos does get his time to shine, showing off the power of his new arms. Unfortunately, though he put a lot of heart into that one blast, it did little to effect the meteor. Thankfully  Saitama shattered the meteor, which rained down across the city with no casualties, but after the destruction of the meteor, we get the return of Tanktop Tiger and his brother Tanktop Black Hole, to cause trouble for Saitama.

The brothers use the destruction left in the meteor’s wake to their advantage to gain support to make Saitama out to be the bad guy. Saitama addresses the situation head on and tells the people that while he may be a hero, he’s not in it for admiration, but because he just wants to do it. I loved that moment because he doesn’t care about what people say, he’s still going to do his job and save people.

Only five episodes left before the end of the season and this episode didn’t disappoint in the least. The Sea King will arrive next episode and with that maybe will get to see yet another hero make their appearance known.

5 Metal Knight’s out of 5

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