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Top Five Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible games for your Xbox One

So Tuesday,  Microsoft released a list of the first 104 Xbox 360 that will work on your Xbox One. As I looked at the list, I saw a few classic titles that caught my eye that I would love to run again. These titles were the ones that really helped Xbox 360 through its ten plus years of success. These are just my favorites, so please, share with us your top ten titles that you would play again on XboxOne.

  1. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas
    This series was one of the most impressive first-person shooters I have played. As a huge fan of Rainbow Six, Vegas took the series to a whole new perspective: controlling a small squad, the ability to change your weapon and mods during missions and the rich detail in the small open world experience. If you’ve never played it before, now is the perfect chance to play a classic game.
  2. The Gears of War series
    When it was released back in 2006 this became an instant favorite, with an amazing story and characters, as well as an awesome cover fire system that worked really well and imitated by many. Gears of War only got better and better with each new game that came out. Best in the series, in my opinion, was Gears of War 3, for the crazy combat, introduction to new characters and the overall gameplay.
  3. Mirror’s Edge. 
    This is a true classic playing as a girl named Faith who is a runner that delivers packages or documents to her clients. A first person action parkour style game, you run, jump, wall run hurdle, slide and many other combinations that can be executed during gameplay. It also included light shooting mechanics. It was such an amazing game and really ahead of  its time and I really can’t wait for the new one coming next year.
  4. Mass Effect series
    First off,  the first game is the only one available for now, but, I do believe 2 and 3 will come later. If you ever want to experience the excellence that is the Mass Effect series now is your time. It is still one of my top series for the Xbox. The best part of what made this game a truly groundbreaking experience was that your actions from the first game carried over all three games in the series regardless of how big or how small.  It was a certain sense of urgency to make sure you retained your saves from previous games.  This was one of the few games that made it feel like your actions mattered.
  5. Fallout 3.
    With the recent release of Fallout 4, now couldn’t be a better time to experience the awesomeness of Fallout 3. Whether you played it on PS3, Xbox360 or PC, this game is timeless. One of my most beloved games I have ever played with an excellent story, combat and exploration.  Bethesda really hit it out of the park with this entry long before Skyrim surfaced

There you have it, these are my top five games to either pick up or download for your current or new Xbox One if you’re planning on buying one this holiday season. Remember to also pick an external hard drive to store those classics. Many of us were disappointed when the Xbox One was released and were told that there would be no backwards compatible games.  With this list of games to start, gamers are on their way to having a great experience.

Some other games I would love to see make the cut:  Marvel Ultimate Alliance,  Call of Duty 2, Dragon Age Origins  and  Red Dead Redemption. it would even be nice to see some of the Ghost recon games make an appearance as well.

What games would you like to see?   Let us know in the comments below.

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