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A Sneak Peek at some Black Friday Deals

It’s that time of the year already and while others on the PCU staff give their picks of cool holiday gifts that every geek should have, we are going to look at the deals dropping for Black Friday.

Black Friday, that time of the year when stores open entirely too early and sell us stuff that we don’t need.   It’s that time where people get suckered into buying overstocked TVs and laptops with deals that, if you look hard enough you may be able to get through the year.   However as a good geek doing due diligence, if one knows where to look you can find a gem on items that you may be hard pressed to get a good deal on.

Some of the Black Friday ads have been released and we will examine some of the cool deals that you should take advantage of prior to the holiday season coming on in full. As always, we give a caution to buying products. Research before purchasing. Some goods can be had online for cheaper or some items that you may be thinking about buying may have a newer shinier model coming in a few months but if you have to buy now, here are some suggestions.

Best Buy (Click here for the Ad) – Best Buy has yielded a few deals here and there but as online purchasing has risen, it’s not always been so good to hit up Best Buy especially when some places sell their items cheaper.   Definitely do your homework before shopping:

4K Smart Ultra HDTV by LG


This may be the best time to jump in for a 4K HDTV. $400 is not a bad price for this television considering the fact that 4K HDTVs were still in the thousands 2 years ago. Even if you go up $100 more, you can get the 49” version.

Xbox One and PS4


If you are still on the fence about jumping into next gen(now current gen) gaming, Best Buy is offering both systems bundled with some classic games. The caveat here is that these are being pushed out to make room for the 1TB systems that both Sony and Microsoft released. If you look hard enough, there is a Tomb Raider bundle as well. I would daresay that Amazon and a few other online outlets may offer better deals over the holidays but this one here isn’t too bad.

Gamestop (Click here for the Ad) – Black Friday is usually a good time to grab a few games that you may not have grabbed earlier in the year. Gamestop has a competitive console package to what was shown above as well as a few of their own bundles that they are selling. They also have a few BOGOs on games such as Assassin’s Creed and Tomb Raider that gamers may want to look at. There are usually titles that you passed over waiting for a sale and today may be a good day to grab some of those most wanted games.   Also, during the holiday season, Gamestop usually provides good deals for pre-owned games so if you are reticent on getting a game new, you just might save by going in that direction. Sadly enough however, unless individual stores are doing them, there are no sales for Xbox Live or Playstation network online subscription services. As mentioned before, if you want something specific online, go that route but depending on what you are looking for, brick and mortar stores like Gamestop is there.

Seagate 3TB Hard Drive


By now, you are hurting for space on your gaming system and you are trying to come up with ways to make room. Furthermore, you may possibly be upset knowing that those who waited to get onboard with newer systems are getting 1TB systems. Well along with a few choice games as depicted in the ad, Gamestop is offering this 3TB drive that should tide gamers over for a few years. This drive that is specifically formatted to work with the Xbox One is going on sale at $99. This is in comparison to Amazon’s price of $133.00. As always, do your homework as there are probably cheaper options and drives around.

Of Course Games…


Both Microsoft and Sony have a few choice games that are discounted for a very short window. Notable titles That gamers may want to look into include Destiny, Mortal Kombat X, and Batman Arkham Knight. I am casting a serious side eye at The Evil Within as that sold last year on Black Friday for $15 dollars.

Toys R Us (Click here for the Ad) – Course there are toys. Since most of us were kids, we anticipated this time of year just to get our hands on the toy catalog and dream of what we wanted to Christmas. TRU has a 96 page ad of goodies designed to make kids sleep restless nights waiting for that magical Saturday to arrive.   Take a look below at a few items that Toys R Us has to offer.






There are a lot more ads that will be coming forth before Black Friday. If you are curious about what’s coming out and want to get a head start, click here to see all of the Black Friday sales ads that have been posted.   Be forewarned that sales may change before that date and supplies may be limited.

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