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Review Brew: The Humans #9

Writer: Keenan Marshall Keller

Artist: Tom Neely

Colors: Kristina Collantes

The Humans never ceases to amaze me how crazy good this comic is. Last issue, Johnny and the crew took their revenge on the Skabbs that killed his brother Bobby and other members of their gang. After taking their revenge, some of member’s question Johnny’s brutality and now set their sights on the man that order the hit on the Humans, Abe.

This was an outstanding issue showing the fallout from the battle with Skabbs. From Johnny’s first appearance in the title, he experienced a lot from the Vietnam War and brought it back with him. Keller keeps the story simple and it’s all about revenge. That’s the only thing that is driving Johnny at this point and it’s affecting the people around him but once a Human always a Human. Loose ends are getting sewn up and people are getting their just deserts. The dialogue between characters are captured well and keeps you invested about these characters. There are some moments that are pretty funny with a group of girls that doesn’t know to handle a gun and hurts a cop in a bad spot. The struggle between revenge, love, and friendship are strong in this issue but a fun brutal ride along the way.

The art by Tom Neely is amazing in giving you that grindhouse feel and delivers some great action scenes. Panels flow together and you can see the emotions on the characters faces are done well. Johnny has not been the same after coming back and Neely highlights this over the course of the issue. We get to see that during outbursts and talking with his girlfriend Peg. The subtle moments look good, highlighting the camaraderie of The Humans and their willingness to go down together. When the action gets going, it doesn’t let up at all. Splash pages of visceral action and Neely handles it all in spades. With Kristina Collantes doing colors, everything falls in place. Various colors change during panels and I love the way the colors are used to show emotional states in the art.

If you like Planet of the Apes, grindhouse films, and revenge, check out this title. Keenan Marshall Keller creates an engaging story with Tom Neely and Kristina Collantes, delivering on the art and colors. The first part of the miniseries is almost over with the next issue but will return next year.

5 Humans for Life out of 5

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