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First Full Length Jessica Jones Trailer is Here!

We’ve gotten a million teasers, and today Marvel has FINALLY dropped its first full length Jessica Jones trailer.  The show, which features Krysten Ritter in the titular role, follows ex-superhero Jessica Jones, who’s traumatic past continues to haunt her.  When the subject of that trauma returns, Jessica must face her fear and fight once again to save those around her.  And, based on the trailer, it looks like Jessica Jones will adopt the same dark tones as its fellow Netflix series Daredevil.

I’ll be honest, while I was curious about the show, I wasn’t exactly excited for it until I saw this trailer.  David Tennant seems exceptionally creepy as the Purple Man.  This is a  role that’s best played when the actor revels in it and enjoys, and I think Tennant was a perfect casting move (although he does not appear to actually be purple).  Krysten Ritter looks like she has the depth and gravitas to carry this series.  I never watched Breaking Bad, but I’ve heard good things about her performance, and that gives me hope for this series.  Mike Colter, who will be heading his own series in 2016, makes an appearance as Luke Cage.  Oh, wait, was he just getting it on with Jessica?? Awesome.

The full season will be available on Netflix on November 20th, just in time for a Thanksgiving weekend binge.

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