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My Favorite Cosplay From NY Comic Con 2015


I attended my first con over 25 years ago and have seen a lot of cosplay, good and bad. While Dragon Con has to be the hands down leader as the “World Cup”, such as it is, of costuming/cosplay, New York Comic Con was certainly not too shabby. This is my first time attending New York Comic Con and I did not by any means get pictures of every single amazing cosplay I saw. I don’t know that would’ve been possible for me to do and still get anything else done. That being said, below you’ll find some of the favorites that I came across in my time in the city that may never sleep, but sure can bring out the great cosplay.

All photos by Jonathan Wolk/Used Future Workshop for Pop Culture Uncovered


About Jonathan "Evilboy" (26 Articles)
Jonathan "Evilboy" Wolk is a married father of one and owner of Used Future Workshop. He makes replica props and displays for costumers and collectors and is a proud member of the 501st Legion. He has been a contributor to Pop Culture Uncovered since 2013.
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