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The Originals Season 3: Episode 1 Review

The Originals The CW

The Originals
The CW


Joseph Morgan, Phoebe Tonkin, Daniel Gilles, Charles Michael David, Danielle Campbell, Leah Pipes, Yusuf Gatewood and Riley Voelkel

Guest Starring: Claire Holt, Nathaniel Buzolic, Casper Zafer, Jason Dohring, Andrew Lees

We begin with Niklaus flashing back to when all of his known siblings were together, in their original bodies, and on the run from their father. They debate separating but decide that they will keep their vow: Family Above All, Always and Forever.

In the present, Klaus has managed, once again, to fracture his family because he’s an unrepentant dickbag who refuses to change, despite the many opportunities he’s received: Elijah won’t forgive him because of what he did to Hayley, only around to care for Freya and Hope.

Marcel, while in control of the quarter and working to repair the ties between the vampires, humans, witches and wolves that Klaus destroyed within less than a year, has lost his daughter due to his loyalty to his father. Davina, whose love for her father is obvious even if she’s cut ties with him, refuses to fix the curse on Hayley and the wolves as doing so would make her seem weak to the witches, especially as they are already questioning her position due to her age and family ties.

Cami is officially Klaus’ therapist, despite the fact that he refuses to accept that all of the above is his fault, but won’t be apart of anything else no matter how much he pushes. She, Vincent and Marcel have gotten closer and are consulting the local police when something comes up that’s occult/witch related (Vincent), vampire adjacent (Marcel), so weird they need a psychological profile (Cami) or worse, all of the above.

Freya is just trying to keep everything together at this point, which she tells Rebekah via letters and asks for advice on how to pull their family back together. She’s at her wits’ end and she’s not a miracle worker, even with her powers and well, Klaus is Klaus.

Unfortunately life’s about to get more complicated because there’s a new (old) vampire in town who may or may not be a serial killer and someone’s bought the Crescent Wolves land. Why? To kill them off under the guise of ‘wild animal extermination’ before building condos.

This episode had its ups and downs.  On the one hand it was great to see that Elijah, Marcel and Cami had set firm boundaries with Klaus, refused to forget all the horror he’d inflicted over the last two years and hadn’t caved to Klaus’ relentless whining.

On the other hand: Klaus is still whining. Half of his problems are self-made, if nothing else the flashbacks show that his siblings loved him and were willing to do whatever was necessary to keep him safe. He’s the reason his brother, sisters and son want nothing to do with him and the fact that the character refuses to take any responsibility for that has gotten really, really old.

I also think the show could’ve waited on the serial killer reveal. It wasn’t surprising as it was telegraphed a mile away but the end of the episode gives me hope that there’s more to what’s going on than there seems.

Overall I give the episode 3 out of 5 White Oak Stakes

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